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     About the project

    - On our server you can place your summaries or vacancies and find necessary information on personnel agencies, training and employment. Besides you have a unique opportunity to subscribe to summaries and vacancies by e-mail.

     To add a resume

    - This section is intended for those who search for a job. Please, fill in the questionnaire and wait for proposals!

     Vacancies search

    - There is the search system on vacancies according to interesting to you parameters.

     To add a vacancy

    - This section is intended for those who search for employees. Fill in the advertisement and wait for offers!

     Resume search

    - Here you can find resumes using the search system according to parameters you need.

     Personnel agencies

    - On this page there are links to professional employment agencies. Solution of the whole complex of problems concerning personnel questions!


    - Here you can subscribe for vacancies and (or) resumes dispatch.

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